Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ramadhan 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi All,

How are you guys out there? Dah berhabuk blog ni. *sapu jap* hihi Always wanna write but don't have the idea to write. I wanna share my holiday to Melbourne but maybe next post? It's already the month of Ramadhan for 2014. Yup kejap betul masa berlalu for this year. Kejap betul. I can't believe that actually I am already nearly 9 months being a wife to Ahmad Zaffar. Oh no, I even tak post about my wedding pun. Takpe, i try to do one post about it. (i hope so hihi)

Talking about Ramadhan, it will relate automatically to puasa. Puasa means kita menahan diri dari lapar dan dahaga. Not only that, it also includes menahan diri kita dari melakukan perkara yang tidak disukai Allah swt. Especially menahan diri dari marah. Kena sabar mengharungi dugaan yg ditetapkanNya. Not only in Ramadhan of course. Ramadhan gives us the opportunity untuk menambah pahala so grab peluang yang ada. Jangan sia siakan. I'm trying to get all day tarawikh done (except if i'm on mc hihi) whether at surau or at home. And baca AlQuran after Subuh prayer. Trying my best and let us do it together. Jom! Hehe

As all of you know (from my FB & IG of course), i am in a long distance relationship. I am in KL while my dearest husband is in KK. Yup! Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Kami jumpa once a month or maybe longer. Rindu tak? Susah tak? Boleh tahan ke? All these questions I've got a lot, like a lot okayyy~ Bukan senang and bukan susah jugak to be in perhubungan jarak jauh ni. Since we've got married, we do not spend everyday together but we do went for holidays. This is one way of us spending our precious time together. Planning to go somewhere for our anniversary (on me haha) but yet to decide where. And I'll be meeting him this weekend because he's coming back on Friday. Kejap je he will be around but it will be sangat bermakna berpuasa sebagai seorang isteri di samping suami. :) And this also means that being in LDR, sabar is very important, and of course rasa percaya.

Takkanla si isteri tak rindukan suami kan? I miss him a lot but I have to understand yang dia jauh sebab mencari rezeki. It's for our own future jugak kan, so isteri kenala sabar dan berkorban, InsyaAllah. Oh another question Ive got is "Dah ada isi ke?" The answer is belum ada rezeki lagi but usaha tetap usaha kan.Kadang2 Allah tak bagi apa yang kita minta tapi Dia bagi apa yang kita perlukan. Maybe rezeki mylia untuk dapat zuriat belum lagi, mungkin rezeki lain yang datang dulu. Kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan. 

So for the time being I took supplement. As I said, usaha tetap kena usaha kan. hihi Now I'm taking Shaklee GLA and Bcomplex plus Qaseh Gold Adinda. Maybe I can share one day on how these supplements work on me kan. Okay, got something to do. Will try my best to be on the blog more often okay? Take care & Selamat Berpuasa dearest family & friends~

Mylia :)

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