Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kejap kejap! Alaaa nantilaaa~

Salam and Hi everyone,

Wow! My last entry was in June? Gila lama tak update. hihi. Okay,let me update on what happened to me for the past few months! Got engaged on 22nd June. Alhamdulillah syukur, and now counting days for my big day! yabedabeduu~ After 5years knowing each other,we are finally getting married. Hope semuanya dipermudahkan. Got another niece named Khadijah. She is so chubby and beautiful.

the Eday

Khadijah my niece
And the sad part, abah tercinta kena minor heart attack. I was so down that time. Doctor mentioned "Nasib baik cepat ke hospital,if not boleh lumpuh separuh badan" Yes,I was driving like a professional racer that morning and I am so glad I did that! Syukur my wali is geting better now and tak boleh duduk diam. After few days resting,dia dah mula start keje balik. Yes,degil. Samala ngan anak dia sorang ni-it's me hahaha.

Just actually wanna share satu teguran from kakak cleaner at my office. It actually trigger my mind and made me wonder why I did it all this time. This is how the conversation goes.

Kak: Emmy dah solat ke?
Me:  Belum. Nnt nak tunggu solat asar sekali
Kak: Kenapa nak kena tunggu asar baru nak solat? 
Me:  *terdiam*

This short conversation really made me regret. Regret sbb I just realized that I have this bad attitude of "suka bertangguh". Suka sangat cakap "Nantilaaaa", "Kejap lagi laaaa" etc And this attitude leads to perkara wajib yang sepatutnya disegerakan. Oh myyy. Rasa teruk betul diri ni ha.

Not only that,kadang2 bila disuruh mak abah buat something pun, I will replied "Kejap lagi akak buat" or maybe "Awal lagi. Nanti akak solat la". Delay in doing anything is absolutely not good. And I promise to myself that I'll change my attitude. Try untuk buat apa yg disuruh dengan segera. Suruhan Allah swt semestinya. Never too late to make changes in your life.

Will try to write when I have interesting things to share. hihi.
Take care you guys & ladies~

Mylia :)

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