Thursday, 15 January 2015

The number 3.

Assalamualaikum and Hi Everyone,

Is everyone doing well? I hope so! Oh yes, I reach the number 3. So my age now will have the number 3. Three series like bmw series. HAHA. Can't believe that actually I reached the age tiga puluh already. Time flies so fast. Really fast. Bila dah makin tua ni, you will feel that a year is just a blink of an eye. Perghhh.

My mom delivered me at her age of 30. She even said yesterday "Mak umur 30 dah empat anak dah!" Oh my, I am so jealous haha. Nevermind, belum rezeki Allah nak bagi lagi kan. Maybe He is waiting for the right moment. InsyaAllah amin. :) My mother was so sweet, dia buat cupcakes yang cantik and sedap! (tak sampai hati nak abiskan because it is too adorable hehe)

My husband was not by my side on my birthday but still, he sang the birthday song via whatsapp and made me cry like a baby. Sebak but you know what, he's the best! He made a surprise for me by sending a bouquet of flowers with a bear inside to my office. Knew that I will be on leave on my birthday, so the delivery was made a day earlier. We even celebrate with a birthday dinner earlier. Thank you so much for everything - early birthday dinner, surprise bouquet,birthday gift, your unconditional love,many more!


Being older makes me think a lot. Being wiser of course, plus hoping to be a better muslimah, better wife, better daughter, better sister, better aunty, better employee and also better in every single thing. It is never too late to make changes in life though. Never.

Moga apa yang dihajati di makbulkan Allah swt. Not only my wishes but for all of your wishes too to come true. (Don't forget to iringi dengan doa,usaha and tawakal.)

I bet my 3series journey will be awesome with my loved ones - husband, family both sides & friends. Thinking on the positive side bebeh. So all the best Emmylia! hihi Will write again soon. (i'll try hehe) Oh ye, hutang cerita wedding baby bro. Nanti will do. Take care semua orang! Salam Jumaat~

Mylia :)

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