Tuesday, 17 May 2011

my very 1st post! :)

Salam and Hello to everyone! Haha,ini adalah kali pertama berblogging..so excited and planning to make it as my new HOBBY. No specific reason of blogging just want to share my world with you readers. Emmylia is my full name but actually i am dying for people to call me with the name Mylia but no one does. Haha. Nampak la soft skit kan even actually perangai i kasar cam jantan. :)

Let me introduce a bit of myself. I have a wonderful family that consists of my Abah (Abdul Aziz), Mak(Norma),my eldest sister Along (Ellyziana), my second brother Angah (Eddy Fahrizal),my baby brother Abang (Eddy Fazly) and my baby sister Adik (Emma Aisya). Not to forget that i also have a sister in law,(Norkesumawati) and a brother in law (Helmi). Last but not least,my anak buah that named Muhammad Izzfudail,Mia Irdina and also Umar. There will be coming soon another anak buah in this September. :)

I am currently working and actually intend to further Master but still in searching and deciding either to go outside Malaysia or just amik part time in Malaysia. Rasa nak belajar tu masih ada,tu sebab nak sambung. Lagipun bak kata Bonda, 'Akak pun belum nak kawin lagi kan,lebih baik sambung before kawin..nnt susah pulak' And yes,I am still single and available! Ahakss,belum ada yang punya lagi. Mungkin lambat lagi atau mungkin tidak kawin? Only Gods know,right? :)

About my friends, i do have a great bunch of friends. Kawan2 sekolah rendah yang mengenali myself as the tomboy,hehe..kawan2 sek menengah (SEMESTA)..kawan2 UiTM Segamat and Shah Alam..kawan2 practical PNB,kawan2 Secret Recipe Avenue K (time wat part time dulu),kawan2 batch Mgmt Trainee kat Jusco,kawan2 BPU-Maxis and now kawan2 dr RHB Islamic bank. Korang memang terbaeeekkk laa! hehe.

Okay,this is my new post! Sorry kalo ada terlebih excited atau pe. haha. But ill share with you stories about Emmylia later after this post. Hope you guys and gals enjoyed reading my blog always. Thanks all! 

Mylia  :)


  1. hye emmy....selamat berblog yeah...neway...button follwers tu xde la...kot2 leh la jd 1 of ur followers ke kn...hihih.,,
    neway...kte pn ade blog jugek..singgah2 la klu ade mase...

  2. hye...congrat on ur 1st blog...