Wednesday, 29 February 2012

All the small things. ^___^

Salam and Hello to everyone,

Sudah lama tak bercerita kat sini. Sorry everyone. Tidak berpeluang! Something happened to me today. Benda kecik je but it made me smile. It made me forget all the pain. The thing that made me wanna share with semua. Share yg the small things actually can mean everything to us. But let me share sikit about what happened to me for past few weeks back.

I nearly got into an accident last two weeks. But Alhamdullilah,nothing serious but i got chest pain after that. Went to the doctor and she said something with my muscle pain. The main cause is STRESS. Yes,believe it or not. It is about the six letter words. And she advised me to go for a holiday or rest at home.

Today,i went for xray and alhamdullilah,nothing to worry about. Balik rumah,bukak pintu keta suddenly one beautiful butterfly stop by on my arm. And seriously,dah lama tak nampak rama2 secantik tu. I was smiling looking at this beautiful creature. In sudden,all the pain goes away. Rasa hilang stress kejap. Yup,kadang2 perkara sekecil tu boleh buat something yang langsung tak diduga. And yes,benda kecik pun kadang2 boleh buat gaduh. Tu memang tak dinafikan. :)

What i wanna share is sometimes kita lupa perkara kecik ni. Kadang kadang kita lupa to even kiss our parents cheek and say how much we love them. Sebenarnya it will help us a lot. My niece Mia sometimes come to me,sentuh me at the shoulder and when i look at her,dia tersenyum lebar and nampak gigi semua. Itu pun boleh buat kita lupa masalah. Saying "I love you" to anyone and you really mean it,can also put ur pain away.

Benda kecik as smile bukan saja boleh buat kita hilang stress tp jugak untuk orang lain. Mungkin bila kita senyum and tertawa,orang sekeliling pun boleh ikut sama. It will be like helping each other kann? Life isn't about diri sendiri je,we have many beloved people around us.
I'm happy being with all my beloved ones di sisi walaupun ada yang jauh di mata tapi still dekat dihati. :)

Ingat jugak yang benda kecik as like teguran,nasihat boleh mengubah kita menjadi yang lebih baik. InsyaAllah. Someone penah menegur i. And i admit i sentap for a while but that teguran actually made me who i am now. Thanks a lot. Bukan semua org boleh menerima teguran but believe someday u will rasa terbuka untuk mendengar segala nasihat and teguran. InsyaAllah.

I think this would be for now. Oh yes,i heard good news from my beloved family and friends yang akan bertunang and berkahwin tahun ni,Congrates everyone! InsyaAllah if diizinkan akan diusahakan untuk munculkan diri di majlis anda2. Happy for semuaa! Me? Masih belum lagi. If ada berita gembira,pasti akan dikongsi. Doakan ya. Take care and jaga diri. Will write again soon.

Mylia :)

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